FAQ tyre shop on WooCommerce and WordPress

FAQ about tyre shop plugins, import etc on WordPress + WooCommerce | In process

This is FAQ for plugins and technologies for WooCommerce and Wordpress.


Why your plugin is now install or not working?

Please, install required WooCommerce (do you want to setup shop, not blog, right?) and free Metabox plugin for working with tyres and wheels metadata.


How to update paid plugins?

Our paid plugins has autoupdate feature and updates from our server. The same way as from wordpress.org.

We are caching update info for 24 hours for speedup customer's sites, so just wait. If you want to get update faster, use any transients manager plugin. Search and remove transients with "tyresaddict" word in key name.




Could you translate plugin on [Language]?

Yes, plugins is "ready for translation", so just read about translation on this site
About plugin translation

How to translate using Loco Translate?

Translations in Loco detected not fully right. You need in this plugin check plugin translation options, where you can change language domain like tyresaddict-tyre-finder-pro or something like that.
Then remove from this string latest «-pro» part and save plugin options in Loco. After that try to translate something.

Purchase and discounts

I have several customers and want discount for plugins

Please, write us and we can offer discounts for several plugin licenses.

Wheels and Tyres