Knowledge Base for tyre and wheel shops

Documentation, FAQ and support of TyresAddict.b2b solutions

Getting started

tyre and wheel shop

Getting Started

How to create tyre shop on WooCommerce and Wordpress in 2020
Step-by-step howto

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Checklist for Wordpress

Something not work? Fast checking and solving of typical setting cases of tyre shop with our plugins.

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Translation and localization

Plugin translations, translation technology and localization options in Wordpress, practice and tools.

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How to integrate our solutions: common information and questions
For any CMS

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Troubleshooting | Wordpress

Solutions for typical situations in Wordpress

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Shortcodes | Wordpress

Shortcodes list in Wordpress

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About tyre and wheel shops, CMS, platforms etc

FAQ | Common

QA about selection of CMS or platform, hosting etc for tyre shops.

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FAQ | Wordpress

Questions about common Wordpress and Woo tyre shop creation and integration.

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