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Plugin translations | Wordpress + WooCommerce

Translations. It's a big question. We and you have several options to translate plugin, other than English language.

All our plugins is "translations ready". That means, that all strings uses standard Wordpress translation system.

We use WP translation system on, so after release free version of plugin anybody can use it. Any user, include you, can translate strings for our plugins.

Paid plugins and extended features

1. Our paid plugins use same localization pack as free versions. So, all strings from free version used by paid version.
2. All our plugins is "translations ready", so you can use any multilingual or translation plugin for WP. There is a lot of such plugins on WP store.
3. You can write to us translated strings, and we'll try to make and test custom version for your lang.

The good news: you can use all that options, not one. That means, that you can translate some strings on, some via translation plugin and both translations will merged!

Loco translate

Some of our customers uses Loco Translate plugin for translations. Try this tool too.