Tyre Product Filter plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

Tyre product filter. Filter tyres by size, season and parameters for tyre shops

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Common tool for any shops, not tyre-specific. But for tyres shops with thousands price positions it's a required tool. This plugin is just first step for tyre shop on WooCommerce + WordPress, but with basic features.


Video | .beta

Pro version

More features & (planning) Themes

Sidebar widget for filter wheels
Integration with Finder
Stud, RunFlat, XL Filters
Different axle Filter
Elementor widgets & support
Themes, include horizontal
Customization features
Tyre and wheel search in different categories
Support for PneuPress (beta) & Chromium (beta)

Also, we can do special version for you, just let us know via support!

Tech details

This plugin works with our other solutions for WooCommerce, as example, filtering is working via metadata. And our other plugin Tyre Custom Metadata can edit this custom fields.
Filter is working on catalog and shop pages

Filtration by:
- Size: width/profile/diameter
- Season
- Car type: passenger/SUV/commercial/truck/moto
- Tyre brand

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Choose Your License

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Free version

  • Filter by tyre size
  • Filter by car type: passenger/SUV/etc
  • Filter by season and tyre brand
  • Vertical & horizontal theme

Pro version

$ 28
  • Filter by size
  • Filter by car type: passenger/SUV/etc
  • Filter by season and tyre brand
  • Vertical & horizontal theme
  • Truck Tyres Filter
  • Work with Wheel Filter
  • Filter by stud for winter tyres
  • Filter by RunFlat, XL
  • Integration with Tyre Finder
  • Different axle tyres from Tyre Finder
  • Options for working with different sizes and truck tyres
  • Premium Support and Updates

FAQ about TYRE Product Filter Pro

Common useful information about plugin

Customization: How to change icons?
You can use own icons (images, fonts...). Just use this filter, tyresaddict_tpf_season_icons:
Has widget the shortcode?
Example: [tyresaddict-tyre-filter category='tyres' exclude_categories='wheels,achilles']

You can use parameters like widget with names category and exclude_categories