Checklist for typical cases on WordPress

Typical cases, setting problems and solving

Settings checking

Check of settings and solving typical cases for our WP plugins

This is check list for setup tyres and wheels step-by-step:

Required plugins

  1. Check installed required plugins: WooCommerce, Metabox.

Categories setup

  1. Create separate product categories at top level: Tyres, Wheels.
  2. Create sample products within categories: create two products Test Tyre and Test Wheel and check categories for them.
  3. Check result: you should have to top-level categories Tyres and Wheels, and two products Test Tyre and Test Wheel with assigned categories

Custom fields work

  1. Open Tyre Custom Metadata options and setup "Tyres" category for tyres and "Wheels" for wheels.
  2. Check result | wp-admin: open two previous products, tyre and wheel, you should see wheel metabox ONLY for wheel and tyre metabox ONLY for tyre.
  3. Check result | frontend: open two previous products on site, tyre and wheel, you should see wheel data ONLY for wheel and tyre data ONLY for tyre.

Filters work

  1. Filters. You should setup BOTH two filters on sidebar, but separate it for user via widget setting. Set different categories.
  2. Check result | frontend: you should see only tyre widget in tyre shop category and wheel widget in wheel