FAQ about tyre and wheel shops

Common answers and questions like platform selection, hosting etc

CMS & Platforms

Common useful information about creation of tyre shops on Wordpress

Which CMS is better for tyre shop?

Tyre shops it's not a shop of toys or t-shitrs, because
- it has a lot of positions, from several hundreds, and thouthands in average
- a lot of categories: tyres\wheels + brands + models + position sizes
- a lot of data, usually in custom fields - specs, seasons, stud info etc
- it needs to be filtered and you need a tyre finder by car for customers

You should know it before you select platform for your tyre shop.

Wordpress + WooCommerce (our choice)

- that's all from list above is present and supported, maybe wordpress is not faster cms, but it solved via not cheap hosting and right work with plugins and theme
- you should have a lot of plugins and developers for your needs

Custom solution

- it's always expensive, always - need time to done first release, always - you need own developers
- but you can make any store with any features


Not recommended: it has no categories, yes, you can use collections, but one product for one collection it's not about tyre shop De-facto, Shopify useful for t-shirts, other products. Not for tyres! You can't do even small tyre shop, maybe small car wheels shop for not many products (like for lux segment)


First, OpenCart is NOT a CMS, it's a framework. Like Laravel. It's not a CMS because:
- there is no plugin updates. even no plan for future, only manual updates
- as example, OC has no product import from csv after "fresh install"!!
- modules shop is not work if you install OC

You can't make shop on OpenCart without developer, even for minimal version. And OpenCart has tech limitations and bugs:
- themes and plugins can be done only with developer
- internally codebase has changes even in minor versions, su module updates is really hard
- internally codebase is from 1990, it leads a hard support

- but solution can be cheap at start, but even csv import module you should buy before enter first product
- it's fast framework (it has no useful code)

This framework we can support only if you have a developer. But not recommend, because our WP plugins updates automatically for customers, but OC is not supported this and even not planned.

How to select hosting for tyre shop?

If you just started tyre shop and have less than 1000 positions, you can try middle-segment shared hosting. If you have more positions - more expensive shared. When your shop is grow, you select hosting by yourself.

How much money do I need to open a tyre shop?

You can open Tyre internet shop free or almost free! You can find free plugins on wordpress.org, setup tyre shop and import data (if supplier has it) for free.

Another question is: how much money you need to open useful shop? It can costs from several houndreds dollars: paid template, tyre finder plugin, some useful plugins for customers.