Tyre and Wheel Import into WooCommerce and WordPress

Tyre import into tyre shop

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We make import pack special for WooCommerce with tires as products. The features:
- we import a lot of information to categories (good for SEO), to meta, to attributes
- tire information is shown by WooCommerce without modifications and plugins
- import is made by standart WooCommerce tools (not use paid plugins)

Tech details

- name of product consists full spec (Michelin Energy Saver 196\60 R15 87W), photo, description,
- imported in categories : tyre brand\model, car type, season, SUV subtype
- imported in attributes (for filtering): tyre brand, car type, season, SUV subtype (yes, duplicate - it's for WP)
- imported in meta : sizes and full spec (196\60 R15 87W) as several formats, etc

Custom fields for Tyres

TypeCustom fieldValues | Description | Sample
meta:tyre_brand Tyre brand | Continental (required, for tyre detect)
meta:tyre_model Tyre model | Premium Contact 6
meta:tyre_spec Full spec | 196\60 R15 87W RunFlat
Separated tyre custom fields (for filtering):
195, 60, 15 - numbers only (width, prodile diameter - required, for basic filtering)
87 - for users we use our Tyre Custom Metadata plugin for human-readable form
W - for users we use our Tyre Custom Metadata plugin for human-readable form
meta:car_type Passenger, SUV, Commercial, Truck, Moto, OTR | Vehicle type |
meta:season Winter, Summer, All Season | Season | Winter
prometa:suv_type A/T (All Terrain), M/T (Mud Terrain), H/T (Half Terrain), HP (High Performance SUV) | Тип SUV |
prometa:stud on, off | Studded |
prometa:green on, off | Green |
prometa:runflat on, off | RunFlat |
prometa:xl on, off | XL |
prometa:commercialon, off | Commercial |
prometa:production_year Year of production | 2020
prometa:origin Origin country | Indonesia
prometa:moto_type Enduro, Cruiser, Scooter, Trail, Sport, Sport Touring, City, Motocross, Race | Moto tyre type (beta) | on
prometa:truck_axleFront, Drive, Trailer | Truck tyre axle (beta) | Front

Custom fields for Wheels

TypeCustom fieldValues | Description | Sample
meta:wheel_brand Wheel brand | OZ Racing (required, for wheel detect)
meta:wheel_model Wheel model | Ultraleggera
meta:wheel_spec Full spec | 10x20 ET50 5x130 d71.6 Polished Gray
Separated wheel custom fields (for filtering):
10, 20, - numbers only (all exclude color - required, for basic filtering)
5x130 - using "x"
71.6, 50, - numbers only
Polished Gray
meta:wheel_type Alloy, Steel, Forged | Wheel type | Alloy
prometa:spokes Spokes count | 6
prometa:spokes_style none, tuple, wide, widetuple, twolayer, twist, tree, star, alot, holes | Spokes style | tree
prometa:wheel_production_year Year of production | 2020
prometa:wheel_origin Origin country | Indonesia

Simple import tutorial

Woo import is not fast, so this steps just for faster working with photos
1. Prepare images. Unpack and upload archive of tyre photos on your site. Your photos should be accessed by url. Since files in archive use [vendor]/[tyre model]/photo... naming, you (and woo importer) should have access to http|https://your.site/...path.../[vendor]/[tyre model]/photo URL.

2. Prepare csv. Edit Woo import CSV in any tool (excel, text editor) and replace our CDN URL to URL path to folder with uploaded images  http|https://your.site/...path.../
So, in your CSV should be valid and accessible URLs.

3. Open WP Admin, Products > All Products, Import (at right of page title). Import CSV file. All settings by default.

Or, for simplified import with our CDN
Just import the file via WP Admin > Products > All Products > Import (at right of page title)

Import notes

- you can import tyres without images, just pass 1&2 steps. It needs to assign photos to products.

- after set CSV you should see fields, that will assigned after import: product name, metas etc

- we prepare file for standard Woo import, not importer plugins

- WP\Woo standard import is very slow, so your server should be set up for execution of slow scripts.  Maybe it will need to separate CSV file to several parts.

How this look

Download DemoDB with sample tyre products

Note: We recommend to use Tyre Custom Metadata for view imported fields, because meta is not show in WP\Woo

Download Tyres DemoDB for Import   Download Wheels DemoDB
Full databases
Full Tyre DB on TyresAddict