Shortcodes of plugins on WooCommerce

Shortcodes list for plugins on Wordpress

Plugin Widget Shortcode
Tyre Finder Tyre Finder [tyresaddict-tyre-finder]
Tyre Finder Truck Tyre Finder | size only [tyresaddict-tyre-truck-finder]
Tyre Finder Wheel Finder [tyresaddict-wheel-finder]
Tyre Finder Tyre + Wheel Finder | beta [tyresaddict-tyre-wheel-finder]
Tyre Finder Finder Garage [tyresaddict-finder-garage]
Tyre Filter Tyre Filter [tyresaddict-tyre-filter]
Tyre Filter Truck Tyre Filter [tyresaddict-tyre-filter-truck]
Tyre Filter Product Results Widget [tyresaddict-tyre-filter-products]
Wheel Filter Wheel Filter [tyresaddict-wheel-filter]

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FAQ about tyre shops on Wordpress + WooCommerce

Common useful information about creation of tyre shops on Wordpress

Could I make tyre and wheels shop on WordPress and WooCommerce?

Yes, of course! Infrastructure of WP is universal and more suitable for tyre shops, than most of CMS, even better than Shopify (they have limits for custom fields, categories, etc) or OpenCart (they have several tech problems and required custom developing). And WP has a lot of features and plugins for customization and extend.

How to select hosting for tyre shop on WordPress?

You need a good hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce. It should not be cheap, because minimal Woo requirements is 256Mb per client. The best way is to setup aldo Redis or Memcached, and your hoster should support it. Remember, that tyre and wheel shop it's not for ten products, but for several thousands.

Which template select for tyre shop on WordPress?

Any. The main reason is all templates made for standard WooCommerce features and you should improve your shop in any case for show tyre data, filter tyres, etc

How to speedup tyre shop on WooCommerce?

1. First, you should remember to set 256Mb minimum for php. It's WooCommerce recommendation.
2. Install object cache for WordPress (Memcache or Redis). Our plugins use all cached features of WP, so when you setup object caching, they will use it too.
3. Install any useful tool or plugin for combine, minify and gzip of js&css - Wordpress use a lot of this resources, so speedup of page load will be very big

Could you help with install or setup? Could you help with [that] theme? I need [this], could you help or develop?

Yes, of course! Just write to support, you can write even before buy.

We have statistics: we help our customers for free for most tasks via our Premium support.

If you need more serious changes, with development or for you shop only, we tell about how, when, how much etc. If your paid request (usually it's custom development or custom customizations tasks) is useful for our plugins and we can use it, you pay only half of cost.

Do you have a updates for plugins?

Yes, of course! Free version updates via, paid version via our update system, all automatically. Just install plugin once, after that your WordPress will inform you about new updates and install them via WP update system.

Questions about translations

Just read our Integration page, we make translations ready plugins.